The Very Robug Kitchen

I am so excited to show this project and wanted to wait until it was completely finished—well, after nearly three months, it’s done (yes, I know…it’s been a little while…I get bored and distracted when I have multiple projects going on at the same time and I tend to put stuff for myself and the family to the side…)!  This was a Christmas Gift for the Robug, and I have just finished the fabric-work.
The idea for the kitchen came from this blog.  I saw what they had did and KNEW I had to do that for the Bug.  We got very lucky at the last minute, thanks to Papa and Grammy, to get the TV stand we “upcycled.”  I had started looking at garage sales and thrift stores for a piece of furniture beginning in July, and we didn’t get anything until the end of November.  I was going to do this project by myself, but I asked my husband for help let my husband help because though I am thoroughly capable of using our power tools, I don’t do it well at all he wanted to make something special for his little girl 🙂

This is the oven.  The knobs are wooden wheels we painted black; I used a white paint marker to do the writing.  We had to add the two heavy-duty hinges and the door-stop after we gave this to our darling daughter because, being the monkey she is, she was climbing on, standing on and laying on the door.  Needless to say, it was broken on the first day she had it.  Now, it’s great and the door stop is awesome.

This is the sink, made with a plastic tub (we chose this so we could actually put water in it for her) and a cheap faucet from Walmart, and the stove, made from the same wooden wheels for knobs and wooden circular plaque mounts we got from Hobby Lobby. 
The “refrigerator” was made from a cheap particle board shoe rack that we turned sideways; we used a leftover particle board book shelf for the door.  My husband came up with the cute idea of spraying it silver to look like a stainless steel fridge (because that’s what he wants) and Grammy came up with the idea of getting magnetic paint so that it would function like the front of the real fridge’s door.  We bought the magnetic spray paint because we were only doing a small area–don’t bother, it works like crap, only business card-style magnets will stick, and not even that well; spend the money and buy the can and paint it on by hand–it works much better.

Because I had seen the Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric and HAD to find something to make with it, the fabric dictated the whole kitchen scheme.  And, because it would be just too cute, I used this tutorial and free pattern to make a matching apron, oven mitt, and hot pad.  Come on, look at it, I couldn’t help myself 🙂  
Did you happen to notice that the “window” is reversible?  Yes, reversible!!!  I mean, come on, what else would you do with a sun panel and a moon panel?  It’s only natural 😉 (and not to mention just too cute).

Robug LOVES her kitchen and Mommy & Daddy love that we made it.  Because I am a perfectionist, the whole thing cost us about the same amount money as if we had purchased one, but it’s special (the fabric was the priciest part) and that’s all that matters. 

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4 thoughts on “The Very Robug Kitchen

  1. Very very very cool. You are so talented!My mom made me this awesome huge doll house by hand for us… it took her months but it was forever the favorite most coveted toy among my sisters and I.

    Mary (other trumpet player in the quintet w/ Chris… hope to meet you sometime!)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! And I hope Rowan loves it as much as you and your sisters loved your doll house–it was quite a bit of work and Chris did most of it. I cannot wait to meet you and the rest of the group–hopefully soon!

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