From Lambs to Ladybugs

My little baby will be two next month.  She is a toddler: we will make the transition from stating her age in months (why we do that after one, anyways, is unknown to me…) to stating her age in years.  She is not going to be my little baby anymore. 
Yes, I know, all mothers go through this…yes, I know, they have to grow up.  But, really?!  I cannot believe it has already been two years; it seems like she just starting sitting up by herself yesterday!  Last week I had to take her to have her hair cut for the first time (and let me specify, this was only for bangs–I would not let her touch the rest of Robug’s hair), and I was all teary-eyed and saved the clippings (yes, for bangs; it’s like a pinch of hair–I’m nuts…)Yes, I know, every mother thinks this.  Every parent tells new parents that time flies, enjoy it, it will be gone in the blink of an eye.  And here I am, rambling on with tears in my eyes, listening to the sappy background music of The Vampire Diaries, repeating everything any parent has ever told me.  Wow, when will I ever grow up and listen?
Little by little, Gingerland has been evolving to accommodate the Robug’s age: removed foam play mats, added an area rug, bungee corded gates around the bookshelves, removed the bookshelves, replaced books on one book case with storage bins for toys, removed lamps (because they were both victims of Hurricane Robug and her aftermath) and picture frames (because Robug colored all over them and/or broke them) from surfaces she can reach, gated off rooms that just can’t be baby-proofed—-you know, typical parent stuff.

The only thing in Gingerland that hasn’t changed very much and hasn’t really grown with her has been Robug’s own room. I’ve always hated to take any part of her original nursery set out of her room, and now the only things left are the super-cute lambie curtains and lampshade from the nursery set and the large wall hangings that I made, modeled after the set.

I love the lambies and they are so symbolic for me, but the Robug seems to have outgrown them.  So, I guess it’s time for all of Gingerland to reflect the new toddler and for mommy to seriously start thinking about having another baby take advantage of having another reason to go crazy at the fabric store and spend lots of money get sewing!  (I have to remember that my husband does read this…) 😉
Because I am cheap and have a tendency to be lazy about getting things done around the house thrifty, I don’t want to have to make buy too much, I don’t want to paint, and I don’t want to change too much.  So, we’re going to keep the valences I made, I’m going to get rid of the sheers all together and recover the light-filtering curtains (otherwise our little Robug is up with the sun and won’t nap).  I’m also going to get rid of wall hangings (maybe I’ll sell them if someone is interested…) and make new ones to match this:

I painted these on the wall just to have something to have behind the letters, ladybugs were easier than lambs (not to mention that red and black are better as a background) and I had gotten a really cute sheet that had a sweet little ladybug print, so I thought it was appropriate.  And, now that my little lamb is no longer, it seems as though she is now, has been, and always will be my little ladybug. 
I have cardboard circles I got from Mamma Maria’s, I have some fabric left over from the valences and lambs, and so I will only really need to get a little more fabric.  The question is, though, do I go through the work of making a duvet cover for the quilt since she’s never really used it, or do I skip that all together?  Oh, the conundrum! I know, you’re so glad it’s not your decision to make 🙂  I’d love some feedback, though–should I make it?

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  1. First off I just want to tell you how much I LOVE your blog! It is really so cute! Secondly – Thanks for sharing with Six Sister’s Stuff Link Party. Hope to see you back next Saturday!
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    1. Thank you so much! I love getting feedback from people outside my family about how it looks :). And, thank you for hosting the link party–I love sharing and seeing all the other great ideas out there! See you Saturday 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and please follow me on GFC or Linky!

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