Happy 2nd Birthday, Robug!

This is a very special post because today is a very special day: my daughter’s birthday!  I am in simple disbelief that it has been TWO YEARS!!!  I can remember being a child and thinking, “I’ll never grow up.”  Then, I got to college and thought, “Seriously, when do I get to be an adult?”  And then, I got my first job and all hell broke loose-I married, I divorced, I reconnected, I moved half way across the country, I got the job of my dreams, and I got married.  But then, EVERYTHING changed on March 23, 2010: my own little Ginger was born.

I still do not have the words to describe how it felt and how it still feels.  Awe, humbled, proud, love, amazement: they don’t do my heart and my emotions justice.  This is how I know that I am head-over-heals, completely and irrevocably in love with my daughter.  When words aren’t enough, it’s a pretty good indicator that you’re in trouble ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, while I’m tearing up at my baby not being a baby anymore, I’m going to take advantage of the fact that whatever I put out on the web will NEVER be gone and say this (so when she’s 16 and I want to send her away, she knows that I really do love her ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Birthday, my dearest love.  I wish you the very best that anyone could deserve.  You are my everything and my motivation.  Thank you for choosing me as your mommy–I am so very blessed.  I love you with all that I am.
Right after she was born
First Birthday!
Today, Second Birthday!
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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! I hope her day was special and her year is wonderful.

    Thanks for joining the Pinning Bloggers Masterlist! You are lovely adding the button to your blog too-thank you!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,
    Natasha in Oz

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