DIY Lantern Lamps & Resale Refinished Tables (and more!)

In my DIY Upholstered Headboard post, I said we made our lamps and got the tables at a resale shop, and I promised to post how we did them.  So, with no further ado:
The Lantern Hanging Lamp:
While getting my daily dose of Pinterest, I found this great tutorial from Jessica at Four Generations One Roof that shows how she made some Potter Barn knock-off lamps from a kit and a lantern.  With a few modifications, we did the same thing.

I got these at Target in the Seasonal section.  The are for tealights, but they were $4.99 and I could never beat that price for a lamp, so I bought them knowing I could use Jessica’s tutorial.
We bought these lamp kits at Home Depot for $9.97 each.
First, The Daddy Man made sure the kit was going to work the way we wanted.  It ended up that we had to hang the light upside down, which meant we needed Gorilla Glue (our favorite adhesive)  
Take out all the glass so that it’s easier to work in the small space inside.
Use the instructions in the kit to put the fixture together.
Test it to make sure you put the kit together correctly before going on (it would totally suck to get it assembled and glued only to find out it didn’t work).
Put some Gorilla Glue on the rubber end.
Press the fixture into the top of the lantern and use a piece of duct tape to hold it down and centered while the glue dries.
We did this step about a week after–you should do it all at the same time.  We found that the lanterns get hot rather quickly (duh) and we did not anticipate this when we would have to turn the lights off by putting our hands by the hot metal.  You can buy a kit that includes this switch, but it only comes with a smaller light fixture, so we bought the switches and The Daddy Man installed them both in less than ten minutes total.
We bought a can of faux-hammered brassy colored spray paint and put two coats on the Celtic Scroll shelf brackets we got from Home Depot, the sconce-esque candle holders we already had, the lanterns and the resin wall decos we got from Hobby Lobby.
These awesome little 5″x5″ resin squares that we got at Hobby Lobby for $5 each, spray painted to match.  They covered up the holes we ended up not being able to use and gave us the same look we were going for.
The Daddy Man and I both decided that we still needed night stands, but they had to be small and unobtrusive.  Luckily we found these PERFECT tables at a local resale shop (my mom is sooooooooooooo jealous).  We got the pair for $15; The Daddy Man used steel wool to sand them down a little and then put on three coats of the same stain we used for the headboard.  Then, because he knows how much I love little details, he spray painted the knobs in the same color as the other accessories.  I love him so much ๐Ÿ™‚
And that is how we did it!  Thanks to Jessica’s great idea, some great deals, and a can of spray paint, we ended up with a pretty cool bedroom set-up.  
Thanks for reading!

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