Our New Headboard, Showing Off and a Tutorial

We have FINALLY finished the headboard for our new, massive king size bed!  Like most of our favorite projects, this was a labor of love that was ENTIRELY worth it.  We are sooooooo pleased with how this has turned out.  Seriously, we couldn’t be much happier. It measures 5’7.5″ tall and 8’4″ wide.  Yes, it’s massive.  Yes, we planned it that way.  We wanted a shelf higher than little toddler hands can reach, and we wanted it to be a centerpiece.

We didn’t do a great job of keeping track of how much it cost, but with everything, it cost about $150 at the most.  I got all of the the fabric for the upholstery for $70 (I bought extra to make a bedskirt, pillow shams, a duvet cover, and vallances (coming in the relatively near future).  The lamps are actually $4.99 lanterns from Target that we made into lamps (coming soon!); the tables are a $15 resale shop find, and the corner pieces are spray painted $5 wall decos from Hobby Lobby.
Here’s what we did:

We bought two 2″x6″x10′ boards (cut one in half), and one 2″x12″x10′ board.  The Daddy Man sanded them down just to smooth off the rough parts.
Then we stained the boards.  We bought a 3-in-one primer/stain/finish.  We didn’t have the stain the backs of the 2″x6″s because they are not seen. 
The boards got a total of three coats, lightly sanded with steel wool between each coat.  The 2″x12″x10′ got three coats on all sides but one (which is just the underside of the shelf)
The back is two pieces of 4’x8′ plywood cut down to two 60″x45″ pieces.  The Daddy Man measured down 4″ along the one 2x6x10 to know where to attach it to the plywood to create the top beam.  
The top board will hang off the plywood about 5″ on each side.  Then,  we simply butted the two side beams up against the top beam, made sure the edges lined up, and screwed everything down.  This step help to keep the two plywood pieces together.  When you glue on the upholstery squares, that will secure it more firmly.
Here it is without the upholstery and shelf.  The holes in the corners were for decorative faux-bolt heads, but that idea didn’t work out so just ignore them.
Upholstering, the Ginger way!  Each individual square measures 14″ and there are 12 (not 18 like my pattern piece above says); since I had three types of fabric, I did four squares in each color.  The fabric was cut out in 15.5″x20″ rectangles.
The Daddy Man helped out in a big way by cutting out all of the batting.  This was just eyeballed, each piece being just slightly larger than the 14″ squares.  I was so happy not to have to do this part…I hate cutting batting.
I cut the fabric so much larger because I wanted the fabric to look  gathered.  I was inspired by this gorgeous quilt.   How did I do this awesome gathering?  Check out this AWESOME tutorial on gathering the quick and easy way:
This tutorial is awesome, as well as her others!  Seriously, it cut the sewing time at least in half.  I have a bunch of them pinned on Pinterest on the “Sew Try This!” board
We bought Hard Board to make our squares.  He had the boards cut at Home Depot.  We made sure to have at least 12 squares (we ended up with 18) and one large rectangle measuring 56″x42″ for the center panel.  We chose to have one single large panel in the middle because it’s just going to be covered up most of the time by pillow shams, so it turned out to be cheaper fabric-wise.
Put the fabric face down.  Put your batting on top of that (we didn’t use much–just enough to make the fabric slightly puffy and not feel hardness behind it.  Put your square board on top.  Then, pull the fabric over the edge to the back and staple it in place.  I used A LOT of staples just to make sure they all stayed together since I’ve never done this before…This part took a long time.
We laid out all the squares so that we were sure how we wanted it to look.
We varied the direction of the gathering so that it was emphasized.
Then, using Liquid Nails, we simply covered the back of the squares in glue and pressed them to the plywood.  We put some weights on top of the squares overnight to help them adhere.
Then, we moved it together (because it’s HEAVY) and just stood it up behind the bed frame.  We are going to get some picture wire and heavy duty anchors to attach it to the wall, just in case 😉
We waited until it was in the room to attach the shelf on top.  We simply laid the 2″x12″x10′ board on the top of whole headboard and put some screws straight into the top beam .  Then, we used four metal brackets under the shelf, attached to the shelf and the headboard, to stabilize it.  It does not have to hold a lot of weight.

We are so very happy with how this entire project came out!  It was so worth the work, and our bedroom is starting to look more like “us.”  Once the remaining sewing work is done, I’ll post it!  Stay tuned–the tutorial for the lantern lamps and our accessories is coming very soon!

Thanks for reading!

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