Summer BBQ Mac ‘n Cheese

This little “recipe” for Mac ‘n Cheese is less-than innovative: it was created out of necessity, but isn’t there some famous quote about necessity and invention? ๐Ÿ˜‰  Not the healthiest of options, but it KICKS ASS as a side in the summer with brats or steaks or chicken…And, it is super-wicked easy.  We only make this in the summer because we count it as a “seasonable delicacy” due to its high-calorie count.  We don’t believe in trying to make something that’s already good “better” by making it healthier.  Healthier does not equal better :).
Here’s the super simple, unoriginal, and yummy Summer BBQ Mac ‘n Cheese:

Buy a box of plain ol’ macaroni & cheese dinner that comes with powdered cheese.  I know, gross, but we still love and The Robug doesn’t eat it (she’s lactose intolerant–too bad for her, more for us :)).  You are going to prepare the noodles just as the box says.  The cheese sauce is what’s a little different–notice the sour cream?  That’s right, we are substituting the milk with sour cream.  Didn’t I say it was easy and unoriginal?
Once the noodles are cooked and draining, put the amount of butter (or whatever you use–we like Smart Balance) in the pot and let the residual heat melt the butter.  Then, put the melted butter back on the burner and INSTEAD of adding the amount of milk indicated by the instructions, add that amount of SOUR CREAM.  Stir it around to completely combine the butter and the sour cream and heat it gently–just enough to make it smooth.
Add the cheese sauce packet to the butter and sour cream mixture and whisk them together until completely combined. 
This is what you will end up with!  Add your noodles, toss it all together, and you have a super yummy summer-style mac ‘n cheese.
This was born when, while already cooking and grilling nearly completed, I went to the fridge for milk and found that, alas, I had none.  But fear not!  I always have sour cream, so I used that instead figuring, “What the hell?”  I mean, can you REALLY screw up boxed mac ‘n cheese?
What do you think?  We love it and are actually going to play with adding peas and putting it in the fridge to serve chilled.  
I hope you enjoy it!  I’m such a great chef…maybe I’ll audition for Top Chef!  Yeah, right–I don’t even like to cook ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    1. Thanks! Seriously, Liz, why did we not think of this when we were living together?! I hope all is well with you and I miss you ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Yum! I’m definitely going to have to try that the next time we have mac & cheese. Maybe it’ll make some of the more cardboard-tasting varieties of Annie’s taste better when I forget and buy the wrong kind!

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