What’s Been Up?

Yeah…I’ve been gone for a while…Second post in three years.  Well, to be honest, it’s been quite insane.  There was just too much going on with the kids and the house and life in general that something had to but put to the side, and that ended up being the blog.  I had been feeling a bit lost, didn’t have a tribe, not knowing which was the blog should go.  But, now I’m back, with renewed purpose and more time, lol (not really, but a better management of time).

With the six year old going to First Grade full time and the three year old in preschool every day, half the day, I’ll be using that actual alone time to take care of me.  I’ve had a health scare AND herniated discs in my back, and it’s time for NO MORE of that!  Once my physical therapist clears me for regular activity AND I can walk regularly and feel my toe, I will be enrolling in a yoga class.  All the reading and research I’ve done says I need to be flexible and strong, so that’s the direction I’m going.  Our entire family is also in for a diet change, but that’s a story for another day (and when I actually pull the trigger).

So that pretty much brings us current.  For those of you who don’t know, I opened an Etsy Shop last November, jaclyn faye by Gingerland, to begin selling the things I sew.  I took a majority of the summer off, but I’m getting restocked and will be doing some local shows as well.  And, now I’m resurrecting the blog.  I’ve decided that the blog will be used to expand on some of the photos that I share on Instagram and Facebook, give behind the scenes looks into the studio, share awesome stuff about being a redhead (um, we are a house full of gingers, after all), and pretty much anything else I decide to post (it’s election season and I hate politics, ESPECIALLY this year, so I may go off on a rant…).  Fair warning: my language has not cleaned up, so there may be language that others may deem questionable in certain posts.

I’m setting myself a realistic goal of posting to the blog once a week (and I’ve already exceeded that goal today–yay!), so subscribe, hang around, because I’ll be back.  If you want to hear from me every day, check out Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

I’ll be back soon!