Big Day Saturday!

Two weeks back I posted about an event I’m attending this weekend as a vendor.  The historic Fischer Farm in Bensenville, IL is hosting the Artists & Authors Fair this Saturday, August 27th from 10 am-3 pm.  The fair showcases local artist and authors, many of which will have products for sale.  There are quite a few vendors, activities for the kids, and alcohol for the adults!

For those of you who don’t exactly know what I do and what I produce, here’s the deal: I make oversized infinity scarves that also function as cowls, shawls, shrugs, and hoods.  All of the pieces are made from flannel, wool, knits, and faux fur, and I only work with fabrics that I’m sure won’t be itchy.  As a consumer (probably because I’m a mom), I’ve gotten picky: I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that I can only wear outside, or with certain outfits, or for a special event.  If I spend money on a clothing item, I want to be able to wear the hell out of it.  So, that’s what I’ve tried to do with my own pieces.  All of my scarves are designed with multiple ways of wearing it in mind, so not only can they be worn with jeans to provide a little color and texture to an outfit, but they’ve also been created to withstand wear.  Nothing makes me more disappointed than to buy something to wear, wear it once, and then have a hole in it or have the hem come out.  Most of my pieces are machine wash and dry.  Let’s face it, stuff gets dirty! Kids touch it, you rub up against something, you lean over into your own meal…and who really want to take something to the dry cleaner?

Now, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen a lot of the clothing I’ve made.  I am working on patterning and sizing so that I can offer apparel in the Etsy Shop as well.  However, I can make any apparel piece if measurements are provided.

If you can’t come visit me at the Artists & Authors Fair, not to worry!  All the pieces I have in stock will go on sale on Saturday at the Fair at 10 am, but whatever is still in stock at 12 pm (CST) will be listed for sale in the Etsy Shop.  I hope to see many of you there!