The Shop is Stocked!

Last night, all of the infinity scarves I’ve been working on listed for sale in the Etsy Shop! Click the link and take a look–there are currently 22 items listed, many of which are gender neutral.  The hardest part of creating the scarves is not wanting to keep them all, each for its own reason.  Quite a few of the combinations that went up are just amazing, and I can’t wait to schedule an outdoor photo shoot and put them on the model (me).

If you’re local and you’d like to try one on, you’ll have the chance Saturday, September 10! The Artists & Authors Fair was rained out this past weekend, so the rain date is set for September.  Put it on your calendar, and I hope to see you there!

As the even draws closer, I’ll be featuring some of the scarves in Instagram posts and talking about the process of putting it together and why I chose the combination of fabrics.  At the event, I will have a few more scarves that won’t list for sale on Etsy until the end of the day (if they don’t sell out).  The faux fur is coming…

Back to the studio!