PR is Coming

If you don’t know, I love Project Runway.  Like, I’m talking every season, All-Stars and Junior.  Thursday nights are sacred in Gingerland, and all my friends know that Thursday night is for fashion.  My husband and I plan one of our favorite meals for Thursday evenings, let the DVR start recording, and then eat late and watch once we can skip through the commercials (and superfluous drama that is obviously the result of production staff manipulation).  I yell at the TV like I’m watching a football game, I get catty and talk back to the TV, and we try to rank and judge the looks as the come down so that we can laugh at how our picks are almost never the judges (the judges…that’s a whole other story…).

So, you’ll need to brace yourselves because Project Runway is coming.  It’s back on the 16th, and it’s like being a kid counting down to Christmas!  Now, I have been toying with the idea of doing a recap on Fridays since I started the blog back in 2014 as Nobody Knows What a Red-Headed Mommy Can Do.  One thing or another always made me push it to the back burner, be it time or fear no one would read it.  But, I’ve finally decided that the time is right.  So, starting Friday, September 16, each Friday will feature a post dedicated the the previous evening’s episode.  There is no name for the feature, yet, but that will be determined once I decide the format (I had always assumed I’d blog it, but a conversation with a friend put the idea of a vlog in my head…and my husband may contribute as well!).

The focus will be on the garments that walk the runway for judging, NOT the designers themselves.  Part of why I finally decided to do my own recap is that there is just way too much drama, and it has become the focus of the show.  The designs, the process, and the end result have become secondary to “character” development.  Please, if I cared about petty drama, I’d tune in to an episode of Real Housewives.  I care about the challenge, the idea, the execution, and the result.  You know, the fashion part.  So, if that’s what you’re into, or know someone who is, make sure you come back and see what you think!

So, brace yourselves, Project Runway is coming and it will be time to “make it work.”

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