First Show is in the Books (and an Update)

This past Saturday I was one of the vendors at the Artists & Authors Fair at Fischer Farm in Bensenville, Illinois, and it was a great show!  The day started a bit rough with rain and wind, but the sun came out and it was a beautiful day filled with great music, new books, art, and food.  The chill in the air really made it feel like fall, and that meant faux fur was popular!

The last time I had a booth it was a Christmas show, so this was a brand new design and set-up.  I wanted it to feel like autumn in the woods and prairie, hence the leaves and wood and fall flowers and colors.  Overall, I’m pleased with the aesthetic I created and was told by customers and other vendors that it looked great.  What I would like to do for the next shows is have a better way to display the scarves, so I’m looking into busts…stay tuned.

This week after the show has been getting Gingerland in order (cleaning the house, organizing, start fall decorating (that’s a hopefully) as well as continuing to iron out our schedule.  But, the most exciting part of this week is the season premiere of Project Runway! The plan is to have have an awesome dinner and watch live so I can comment in the Facebook group I belong to, but my husband is also out of town, so the plan is never the plan.

In the studio, I am into Fall/Winter mode and working mainly with wool, flannel, and faux fur.  These scarves take longer because there’s more work involved: trimming the fur in the seam allowances, brushing hair out of seams, finishing edges going with the grain…so the process is slightly slower.  However, there is nothing like an oversized infinity scarf with fur against that permeating cold of winter.

So, that’s what’s up.  Watch for a blog post on Friday recapping Project Runway, and another next week about working with fur!