Upcoming Shows!

It’s that time of year, and shows are being booked!  This list will be updated when new dates come in, but here’s what is booked so far:

Sunday, November 5
Revolution Craft Show
Revolution Brewery Tap Room
3340 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
12pm – 6pm

Friday, November 10
Sauced Fall Nigh Market
House of Vans
113 N. Elizabeth St.
Chicago, IL 60607
5pm – 10pm

Sunday, December 17
Revolution Craft Show
Revolution Brewery Tap Room
3340 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
12pm – 6pm

More dates to come; be sure to check back!  Can’t wait to see you there!

Art, Beer, & Food: This Sunday

This is one of the shows I’ve been particularly excited about because, well, it’s at the Revolution Brewery Tap Room and there’s going to be beer!  And food!  AND over 45 local artists with candles, jewelry, soaps, pottery, ceramics, textile arts, and more!  What’s especially exciting is that everything is handcrafted by local artists–no corporate buy-and-sell companies here!  You’re sure to find something original, interesting, and personalized for all of your favorite people (yourself included!).  I’m hoping to have a few sales because I plan to do a lot of shopping.  Come have a drink and something to eat while you get some holiday shopping done–I’d love to see some familiar faces, but I can’t wait to meet some new ones, too!  See you Sunday at noon!

Ladies’ Night Friday, 12/2!

Come do some shopping and say hi at the Holiday Bazaar and Ladies’ Night Out at White Pine Golf Club & Banquets from 6pm – 10pm.  This is an event that I attended last year as well, and it was a lot of fun!  There were great vendors and fun demonstrations, so this year should be the same.  I will have all the pieces currently listed in the Etsy Shop as well as a few new pieces that aren’t listed yet!  Shop small, shop local, and get your shopping done early; I hope to see you there!

Act II: Sunday Show

If you couldn’t make it out on Friday evening, maybe you can come out tomorrow from 10am – 1pm to see me at the Holiday Boutique Event at Starr Power Dance Studio in Wood Dale!  Come shop local small businesses and grab a scarf for a gift and one for yourself (you know, since it’s decided to be cold now).  I hope to see you there!

It’s Showtime!

The holiday craft shows/artist fairs/bazaars commence this Friday!  Among being a mom, a tutor, a coach, and a cellist, I’ve been doing some sewing and quite a bit of work on the back end.  September started as a sprint, and we’re still keeping a pretty fast pace, so November definitely snuck up on me!

The season kicks off this Friday–check the Upcoming Events page for the details!  It’s exciting to be participating in more shows this year, and I’m hoping to have even more next year.  I hope that you can make it out to one of the shows and try on some pieces, pick one up for yourself, and a few for gifts.  See you soon!

PR Recap: Just Fabulous!/?

So, I’ve decided to do a little experiment: I will be publishing my recap a week after the episode airs.  I’m really loving this idea for various reasons, so we will see if it works!  With that being said, here we go:

The designers leave Heidi on the runway and head out for some “fresh air.”  Tim is waiting with the Chief Marketing Officer from Justfab to introduce the challenge.  One hundred women exemplary of the Justfab customer come out “from the left, from the right, from the north side, south side” and they are charged with creating a look for the everyday woman–“any size, any shape, any age.”  But they are not using any of these women as the models, so I’m wondering if the “real women” challenge will be later in the season with this being the sponsor/commercial challenge.  The winner’s look will be reproduced for sale on Justfab, so that instantly raises the stakes.  Tim reminds the designers that “versatility and diversity among your clientele does not mean hum-drum.”  We shall see…

Season 15 continues to build the pressure right out of the gate with episode 2 being another potentially difficult challenge.  Both the sponsor and the real women challenges have posed problems for the designers who don’t design for us regular women, whose aesthetics are avant-garde or for a very specific clientele, or who do not know how to give a RTW garment their signature while maintaining commercial appeal.  And then there are those designers who just don’t get the fact that mid-thirties stay-at-home-moms (one of the everyday women) who don’t live in yoga pants and athleisure wear ALSO don’t go to Target for diapers and laundry detergent wearing heals…ANYWAYS…

The challenge order here has been exciting.  I like how the designers are being pushed out of their comfort zones immediately and that their creativity is being tested.  We get to see, presumably, the best the designers have during the auditions; these challenges show us who can step out of the box, who can make the box into something else entirely, and who is possibly out of their element.  The first two runways have been so exciting because the skills being assessed: creativity, innovation, synthesis, and adaptation.  The former teacher in me is really loving the sequencing thus far 😉

Over the last few seasons, however, it has become apparent that shade is part of the game…but really?!  WHY OH WHY must we have drama to start the second episode of the season?  I GET that this is a show, it has to be entertaining.  I used to be an English teacher, I KNOW that a good story has to have conflict.  But COME ON!!!  Just get to the designs…if I wanted drama, I’d be watching The Real Housewives of [pick a city].  This is supposed to be a design competition…

Yay! Let’s go to Mood!

Runway Day!
Despite the anxiety, the “make it work” optimism is really balancing.  This particular group of designers collectively (as of right now) have a great energy.

SIDENOTE: Um, Heidi, WOW.  Just WOW.  There is no longer any wonder in this house what your nipples look like.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we love boobs and nipples in this house, we were just REALLY surprised.

In the middle:
Rik: Now, I love a good shirting, ESPECIALLY for women’s wear, but this is just okay.  The pattern on the back and bust felt too small for the runway.  The other pattern either didn’t work with the smaller pattern (at least not on TV and in photos).

Jenni: I LOVE THOSE PANTS!!!  Jenni, I want to buy a pair.  Seriously.  They are perfect.  They are drop crotch pants, but they look like a skirt too.  The jacket, not so much.  It has an 80’s vibe with those shoulders–not my style.

Nathalia: Meh.  The top looks like a tankini top, and I’m not a fan of an oversized, droopy cuff in white.  I don’t care who you are, you’re dragging that cuff through something gross and then it’s stained.  No thank you.

Sarah: Nothing new.  I’ve seen it at Khol’s.  It’s nice; the print on top is cute, but it’s nothing new.  The fit at the top of the back of the skirt could have used some attention.

Mah-Jing: Oh, I really like this!  I think I’d wear the top with a slightly longer skirt, but it’s cool.  I like what Mah-Jing does with denim.

Cornelius: This didn’t work for me.  Personal preference: I hate the print of the skirt.  Yes, I said hate.  Either the way the pattern is arranged around the neck or the placement of the  angled seam throws the proportion off and makes it look as though the model’s neck is too short or something–the more I look at it, the more disturbing it looks.

Tasha: YAAAAAAAS!  Without the peek-a-boo of the midriff, I would wear that NOW.  It looks trendy and interesting and comfortable and sexy.  Tasha, I would love to buy this outfit and wear the hell out of it.

Dexter: No.  It looks like my 6 year old wearing my coat.  Not my taste.

Roberi: It was ok.  It had a Vera Wang for Khol’s feel.  The print on the skirt was nice.

Bottom Three:
Kimber: I’ve seen it in a bunch of stores.  Crop top with high-waist, wide-leg pants.  Nothing special.  I felt soooooo bad when she sewed her shirt backwards; anyone who has been there (including myself) feels that pain.  Way to stick with it and bang it out!

Brik: The crotch is not so good.  The rest of the look is rather ordinary and uninspired.  The jacket has potential.  I was really expecting this look to send Brik home, and the “auf” was a hard call.

Linda: The poor fabric choice was part of the reason it didn’t work. The IDEA of an urban kimono was really fun, and I really wanted it to work.  After all, this was a challenge in which we expected her to excel.  The jacket was blah and the knit for the dress…so much no.  The sleeve shape and the cutout was quite fun.  I would have liked to have had the opportunity to see more from Linda, but Heidi gave her the “auf.”  Best of luck, Linda!

Top Three:
Alex: I like the pants quite a bit!  I don’t think they are as innovative and gush-worthy as Nina, but I’m also not Nina ;).  The pop of color underneath brought some depth to the black, along with the variety in fabrics.  Very rarely do I agree with Zac, but I agree about the bow–it’s been done.  All together, it did have appeal.  I feel like a kindred spirit with Alex–that organization and desire for perfection are totally me, too.  I love your list, Alex! #organizedpeoplerock

Erin: Lo and behold!  I can’t believe it, but I agree with Zac AGAIN: Erin’s voice is clear (Yes, Erin, #glitteralways).  However, what girl is wearing this and where is she going? It screams Alice in Wonderland in a very animated way, but more like Sponge Bob animation and less like Disney animation. It DOES look MUCH better with the belt, and I agree with Heidi that no sleeves would make it more of a selling point for me.

Laurence: I WANT THAT JUMPSUIT!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I wrote that as I was watching the episode.  When the Justfab version came out, I decided that I’ll try to make one of my own (I want black or grey anyways).  What I loved about the runway original was the straighter, longer lines and the slouchy ankles; the big back pockets placed lower and the contrast drop-waist panel across the butt are perfect.  The Justfab version slimmed the fit and changed too many other details.  Despite the fact that the other designers pointed out the vagina-like nature of the slit in the back, it’s still cool.  Laurence deserved the win with this one.  Well done, and I cannot wait to see more!

Episode two ends on a “Justfab” note, so let’s hope the designers can continue to produce exciting runways.

Photo credit: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/pictures/season-15-episode-2-photos/pr15-ep2-35

First Show is in the Books (and an Update)

This past Saturday I was one of the vendors at the Artists & Authors Fair at Fischer Farm in Bensenville, Illinois, and it was a great show!  The day started a bit rough with rain and wind, but the sun came out and it was a beautiful day filled with great music, new books, art, and food.  The chill in the air really made it feel like fall, and that meant faux fur was popular!

The last time I had a booth it was a Christmas show, so this was a brand new design and set-up.  I wanted it to feel like autumn in the woods and prairie, hence the leaves and wood and fall flowers and colors.  Overall, I’m pleased with the aesthetic I created and was told by customers and other vendors that it looked great.  What I would like to do for the next shows is have a better way to display the scarves, so I’m looking into busts…stay tuned.

This week after the show has been getting Gingerland in order (cleaning the house, organizing, start fall decorating (that’s a hopefully) as well as continuing to iron out our schedule.  But, the most exciting part of this week is the season premiere of Project Runway! The plan is to have have an awesome dinner and watch live so I can comment in the Facebook group I belong to, but my husband is also out of town, so the plan is never the plan.

In the studio, I am into Fall/Winter mode and working mainly with wool, flannel, and faux fur.  These scarves take longer because there’s more work involved: trimming the fur in the seam allowances, brushing hair out of seams, finishing edges going with the grain…so the process is slightly slower.  However, there is nothing like an oversized infinity scarf with fur against that permeating cold of winter.

So, that’s what’s up.  Watch for a blog post on Friday recapping Project Runway, and another next week about working with fur!

Save the Date!

The Artists & Authors Fair that was rained out on August, 27 is THIS WEEKEND! Saturday, September 10 from 10am-3pm I will be at Fischer Farm in Bensenville, IL with other artists showing and selling our goods.  Admission is free, there are live bands, food, activities for the kids, and “adult” beverages! Come out on Saturday for a day of fun and art, and I’ll have at least ten more pieces with me that are not yet on Etsy, and won’t be posted until after the event.  I hope to see you there!

PR is Coming

If you don’t know, I love Project Runway.  Like, I’m talking every season, All-Stars and Junior.  Thursday nights are sacred in Gingerland, and all my friends know that Thursday night is for fashion.  My husband and I plan one of our favorite meals for Thursday evenings, let the DVR start recording, and then eat late and watch once we can skip through the commercials (and superfluous drama that is obviously the result of production staff manipulation).  I yell at the TV like I’m watching a football game, I get catty and talk back to the TV, and we try to rank and judge the looks as the come down so that we can laugh at how our picks are almost never the judges (the judges…that’s a whole other story…).

So, you’ll need to brace yourselves because Project Runway is coming.  It’s back on the 16th, and it’s like being a kid counting down to Christmas!  Now, I have been toying with the idea of doing a recap on Fridays since I started the blog back in 2014 as Nobody Knows What a Red-Headed Mommy Can Do.  One thing or another always made me push it to the back burner, be it time or fear no one would read it.  But, I’ve finally decided that the time is right.  So, starting Friday, September 16, each Friday will feature a post dedicated the the previous evening’s episode.  There is no name for the feature, yet, but that will be determined once I decide the format (I had always assumed I’d blog it, but a conversation with a friend put the idea of a vlog in my head…and my husband may contribute as well!).

The focus will be on the garments that walk the runway for judging, NOT the designers themselves.  Part of why I finally decided to do my own recap is that there is just way too much drama, and it has become the focus of the show.  The designs, the process, and the end result have become secondary to “character” development.  Please, if I cared about petty drama, I’d tune in to an episode of Real Housewives.  I care about the challenge, the idea, the execution, and the result.  You know, the fashion part.  So, if that’s what you’re into, or know someone who is, make sure you come back and see what you think!

So, brace yourselves, Project Runway is coming and it will be time to “make it work.”

Image credit: https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2014-09/17/11/campaign_images/webdr01/19-times-project-runway-perfectly-delivered-the-s-2-15220-1410966023-0_dblbig.jpg